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Beginner Quilting Tips Every Quilter Should Know

Beginner Quilting Tips Every Quilter Should Know

Crafting is incredibly rewarding, but you may feel intimidated or overwhelmed when you’re just getting started. Quilting can be a challenge for beginners, but you’ll quickly get the hang of this skill and become proficient before you know it. If you’re ready to begin your quilting journey but you’d like a few guidelines first, you’ll find our favorite beginner quilting tips here. 

Buy More Than You Think You’ll Need 

When you’re a novice quilter, you’re bound to come across a few obstacles. It’s frustrating when you’ve run out of fabric before the project is complete, but this common problem can be easily remedied. Whether you buy fabric online or in-store, we recommend purchasing a half yard more than what you expect you’ll need. With the additional fabric on hand, you’ll be able to compensate for mistakes. 

Use 100% Cotton Fabric  

You may be tempted to jump right into fun projects like ribbon quilts or other complicated crafts, but it’s usually best for beginners to stick with 100% cotton fabric. This material is easy to work with, and it’s helpful to use fabric with uniform weight and texture. 

Change the Needle Before Each Project 

Before you begin each project, be sure to switch the rotary blade and install a fresh needle for your machine. This simple step may seem unnecessary, but you’ll probably notice that it’s easier to work with the material when you’ve made this extra effort. 

Keep It Simple 

Many of our beginner quilting tips encourage new quilters to be practical as they learn the ropes. There are a variety of gorgeous quilt patterns to choose from, but try to stick with simple projects as you gain experience. Instead of embarking on a king-size quilt for your bedroom, consider opting for a smaller project. Experienced crafters generally recommend trying out quilts that are in the range of about 40” x 60.” 

Find Great Resources 

Learning to quilt requires time and patience. If you quickly become frustrated when learning new skills or you’d like some guidance, you may find it beneficial to connect with quality resources. Quilting classes are an excellent option, but if there’s not a convenient class location near you, look for crafting books or online communities. Sewing and quilting enthusiasts are often happy to help beginners, so don’t feel shy about reaching out. 

Quilting is a rewarding hobby, and it’s a pastime that you can enjoy for years to come. If you’re ready to start your first project, keep these beginner quilting tips in mind as you initiate the search for patterns. High-quality fabric is a must for any crafting endeavor, and we offer a plethora of choices. To browse our selection of luxurious, 100% cotton materials, please visit us online. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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