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Designer Spotlight: Monaluna Organic Fabric

Designer Spotlight: Monaluna Organic Fabric

If you have a plethora of projects in mind for the New Year, you may want to mix it up and try a new line of fabric. Many experienced crafters tend to gravitate toward their tried and true favorites, but it can be fun to broaden your horizons. Below, we share the details on Monaluna Organic Fabric. 

About Monaluna Organic Fabric 

Monaluna Organic Fabric was founded in 2010, and is based in California. It’s family owned and operated, and the founders have a passion for creating sustainably produced materials. If you’re environmentally conscious and enjoy purchasing organic whenever possible, the collection from Monaluna could be the perfect fit. Many of their materials feature bold southwestern prints, but the look is softened with a pastel color palette. If you love animal-patterned fabric, take a look at the Monaluna line. There’s a print for everyone from this designer: horses, coyotes, birds, and more! In addition to the beautiful patterns and colors, you’ll also be impressed by the quality. Monaluna Organics are made with premium 100% organic cotton, and their high thread count makes them luxuriously soft. 

Creative Ways to Use Monaluna Organic Fabric 

If you’re looking for project inspiration, we’ve listed a few suggestions below. There are countless ways to use this line of fabric, but the tutorials we share here should be simple and stress-free to follow. 

1. Winter is upon us, so it’s time to bulk up your wardrobe for the season. Scarves can help you retain warmth, but it can be a challenge to find an option that suits your style. If you’ve been searching for an eye-catching scarf with no luck, take the opportunity to make your own version. This infinity scarf is made entirely from Monaluna Organic Fabric, and it’s perfect for staying warm and cozy on a wintry day. It requires three yards of material, and should be a quick process from start to finish. 

2. Whether you need a new long-sleeve top for yourself or you’re making one as a gift, the Monaluna line of fabrics is ideal for sewing clothing. Ruffles are in style this season, so this long-sleeve embellished top could work well for both kids and adults. There are dozens of patterns available from Monaluna, so just pick the one that you like best and modify the shirt size to suit your needs. The finished product should be incredibly soft and awesome for layering. 

3. If someone you know is about to welcome a new baby, a handmade blanket is always a welcome gift. The fabrics by this designer feature soft colors and adorable prints, so they’ll work wonderfully in any nursery. You’ll probably be able to find a pattern to complement the theme of the baby’s room, or you can play it safe and opt for plain pink or blue. As a guideline, take a look at this patchwork baby quilt tutorial. 

Ready to shop the selection of Monaluna Organic Fabric? Browse our catalog online, and please reach out if you have any questions. We’re here to help you find the material you need so you can make 2018 a great year for crafting. 

Photo courtesy of Unsplash under Creative Commons 0 license

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