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DIY Dorm Room Décor Ideas

DIY Dorm Room Décor Ideas

Dorm living can be a blast, but you may find your new room challenging to decorate. Dorm room décor doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive—with a few yards of fabric and a couple of hours, you can easily make a few creative items to decorate the room. To make the most of your dorm room experience and truly make it feel like home, try a few of our crafting tips below.

Personalized Headboard

Starting college is a big milestone that’s sure to be full of new experiences. To transform your living area into an inviting place, add a few finishing touches to reflect your style. If your bed feels a little too impersonal and you want to add some flair, make your own headboard. This dorm room décor project is perfect for beginner crafters, and you can complete it in an hour or less. All you’ll need is the desired number of canvases, your favorite fabric patterns, and a stapler. No sewing is required—just wrap the fabric around the boards. Whether you keep it simple with solid colors or mix things up with animal prints, your new headboard will be a colorful addition to your room.

Throw Pillows For Dorm Room Décor

If you have a couple of hours to spare and have a basic knowledge of sewing, consider making your own custom throw pillows. It can be tough to find dorm room décor that will enhance the space rather than overcrowd it, but accent pillows are perfect for adding to the bed or sofa. You can get as fun and creative as you want with throw pillows—bold patterns like stripes, chevrons, or polka dots look awesome as pillow covers. Not many college students have a sewing machine, but if you’d like to try this dorm room décor project, research sewing groups on campus or in your city.

Fabric-Covered Bulletin Board

College years are meant for making memories, so commemorate the special moments with a homemade bulletin board. If your dorm room needs a few more personal touches, fill the space with photos and other important mementos. In addition to displaying pictures, keep your busy schedule organized on the board for easy visibility. Cork bulletin boards are the go-to for pinning pictures, but their plain brown color isn’t a great look. To give your photos an eye-catching backdrop, use fabric to create this quintessential dorm room décor piece. This easy project should take just few hours and only requires a few materials.

To dress up your dorm room, get started with DIY crafting. To find fabric in multiple colors and patterns, shop our collections online. If you need input or help finding the ideal fabric for your needs, please contact us. We’d love to help!

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