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Girls Night In: Recruit Your Friends For Social Quilting

Girls Night In: Recruit Your Friends For Social Quilting

Staying in with your friends can be lots of fun, especially if you have a full night of festivities planned. Next time you’re planning a girls’ night in, explore the possibility of social quilting. It can be a blast! 

Why You Should Host A Social Quilting Party   

While a night with friends is always a nice escape from stressors, many get-togethers quickly fizz out if you don’t plan ahead. Before you send out invitations, be sure to spend some time brainstorming. Instead of opting for your go-to entertainment ideas, try something new and get a little creative. To give your friends a wonderful night to remember, consider sharing your passion for crafting and host a social quilting night. Introducing your pals to sewing in a laidback environment offers a chance for everyone to learn and walk away with a handmade memento. 

If most of your group is creative or artistically inclined, social quilting could be a big hit. As long as you have plenty of table space and a few sewing machines, you’re all set for an evening of laughter and bonding. If most of the attendees are novice quilters, no problem—it can be an awesome experience to teach your friends the art of quilting. Below, we share a few beginner-friendly ideas that work well for social crafting. 

Quilted Potholders 

Potholders are an easy and practical first project to try during a social quilting party. This simple pattern should be attainable for all skill levels, and they’ll make a wonderful addition to the kitchen. Hot hands tend to wander off, so it’s nice to have an extra pair available. Plus, they’re a reminder of the fun you had while making them. 

Decorative Pillow 

Every home could use a bit of flair, and a decorative pillow is a great project to try during your girls’ night in. Most pillows can be made in an hour or two, and there’s no shortage of gorgeous patterns and colors to choose from. 

Patchwork Quilt 

The projects mentioned above are ideal for a shorter girls’ night in. If you have more than a couple of hours to work with, go all out with a patchwork quilt. While making an entire quilt may seem daunting to crafting newcomers, there are plenty of options that should be a breeze to follow. If you and your group would like to attempt a patchwork quilt, it’s usually best to have at least one experienced quilter available for guidance. 

Are you looking forward to a social quilting session with your friends? Take a look at our online catalog. We offer a large selection of fabrics, including organic cotton that’s perfect for the projects mentioned here. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Photo courtesy of Pixabay under Creative Commons 0 license

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