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How to Earn Income From Sewing and Quilting

How to Earn Income From Sewing and Quilting

Crafting is excellent for saving money and reducing stress. If you’re a sewing or quilting enthusiast, you may be interested in using your hobby to generate income. While this career choice can be challenging, passionate crafters often find sewing to make a living incredibly rewarding. Interested in exploring this avenue? To get started, here are our top tips: 

Evaluate Your Goals and Personality 

If you’d like to explore the possibility of making a living sewing, you should begin by honestly examining your personality and identifying goals. For example, outgoing individuals who thrive in social situations may enjoy connecting personally with customers on a regular basis. Those on the introverted side will probably feel drained from daily customer interaction, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t earn money from your crafting expertise. Online stores like Etsy make it easy to facilitate sales online, so you can  communicate via email instead of taking in-person meetings. 

Moreover, think carefully about your vision for the future. If you consistently receive a high volume of orders, do you plan to quit your current job to keep up with demand, or will you make and sell a finite number of products? The answers are up to you, and it may take some time to determine the ideal setup for your sewing and quilting business. 

Start Small 

Whether you’re pursuing a dream of starting a business or you’re simply hoping to pick up a side job, it’s wise to start small and get a feel for your productivity, specialties, and the market. As all experienced crafters know, investing in premium fabric can be pricey. Before you open your online store and start working on a backlog of products, be sure to gauge your level of interest and commitment. If you find that you’re churning through projects quickly and enjoying fulfilling orders, that’s a solid indication that you’re ready to start expanding. 

Use Social Media to Your Advantage 

Sewing and quilting for friends and acquaintances is a great way to earn some extra spending money, but if your goal is to make a living sewing, it’s crucial to use the power of social media. When you’re just getting started, you can keep it simple with the essentials like a blog, Instagram account, and Facebook page to show off your creations. 

If you’re feeling inspired to start earning money with your crafting skills, the first step is to stock up on high-quality materials. We offer a wide selection of fabrics, including fun prints and organic cotton. When you’re ready to begin your next project, browse our selection online or reach out to our team. To stay updated on the latest news, please subscribe to our newsletter. 

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