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DIY Sewing Projects for the Introvert!

DIY Sewing Projects for the Introvert!

Fun & Easy Sewing Projects for Introverts!


Something I’ve always admired and adored about my extroverted friends is how generous and giving they are. My extroverted friends love to stay busy and do so by volunteering in their community, baking for friends, just popping by with a bottle of wine or coffee! As a pretty extreme introvert, just the thought of some of these sewing activities sets off the anxiety sirens. Yet, I still want my friends and family to know I care about them. I still want to contribute to the world. So, where does sewing come into all of this? Sewing is a great activity for introverts and extroverts alike, and with all of this beautiful organic fabric at our fingertips, we just can't resist. Here are a few fun and easy sewing projects that allow us to contribute to the world we love and recharge the inner introvert battery – all at the same time!


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Some of my favorite vacation moments with my husband have been just sitting somewhere with a beach view, a glass of wine, and a good book! I love that we can hang out for hours side by side, deeply engaged in our own books! Plus, good conversations about what we’re reading often ensue as we stroll the sands. Fabric book covers are a great way to decorate your beloved books and keep them protected - especially when travelling. Check out this quick and easy fabric book cover tutorial on YouTube by Do it, Gurl Jamie Petitto. As a great gift for a friend, you could give them a book they'd like and fashion it with a pretty cover. Plus, you can use fabric glue for this if you didn't want to sew it.

Fabric book cover easy sewing project

Would it be weird to invite a friend out for a glass of wine to read – our own books? A great way to celebrate this bookworm relationship would be with a gift of some quick DIY fabric bookmarks!

Fabric Bookmarks DIY sewing projects

Check out this cute site Make-it Love-it for easy fabric bookmarks. I like this link because there are also some really awesome “Stay put elastic bookmarks” that help you keep your spot on the go.


Do you have a friend or two who love to have coffee or tea with you? These cup cozies from Lil Luna are so cute and stylish! There is also this free sewing pattern from Stitchwerx! 

Looking to donate to a local homeless shelter or animal rescue?

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Towels are always in need at both of these wonderful organizations. If you have some gently used towels, a nice way to spruce them up is to edge them with some pretty fabric.

Easy sewing projects for a good cause

My So Called Crafty Life is a beautiful blog with tons of very creative and pretty projects. I love this tutorial on embellishing your towels and the owl fabric Ashlee uses, too!

I found these easy DIY headphone cord wraps from a sweet blog called Leafy Treetop Spot. This is a really fun fast sewing project that you can do from your fabric scrap stash. Make a few at once and share these cute “cord keepers” with your other music loving friends!

Well, you've had quite a productive sewing day! Don't forget to thank your friends who can appreciate your creative homebody side by sending some handmade fabric cards to them!

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Just sew the fabric directly to the paper - use a zigzag stitch or straight. You can also glue pretty fabric scraps to card stock! 

sewing introvert, social sewing, sewing projects, diy projects, fabric, buy fabric online



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