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Pillowcase Made Simple

Pillowcase Made Simple

                                                           Easy Does It Pillowcase

By Bonnie DiSalvo

I have sewn most of my life.  Sewing can be so much fun, but it seems many people get discouraged by the need to have your project be perfect which then leads to giving up. 

The following instructions will hopefully let you enjoy the process of making an original pillowcase of your own without the fun spoiler of perfection. 

I chose an 100% organic fabric from Spindle and Rose.  This lovely fabric feels very soft on the face and is easy to sew with. I chose the elk pattern, but Spindle and Rose has many beautiful organic fabrics that would be great for a pillowcase! It is 45 inches long and 45 inches wide.

First, I needed to fold the fabric in half lengthwise to accommodate the elk pattern so that it will be horizontal on the pillow. (You could pick a pattern where you would not need to worry about this.) I cut the lower edge so that it was 21 inches from the fold.  I left the length at 45 inches which will make a long pillowcase.

Second, for the opened end of the pillowcase, I ironed under about ½ inch on one of the short ends of the case then sewed along edge.

Third, I turned the same edge under again about 4 inches and pressed.  Then I sewed along edge where it was pressed.  I used a fancy stitch but this is not necessary.  A straight stitch is fine and dandy.

Fourth, I folded the material right side together with the stitched edge lining up and pinned around the two sides starting with the folded corner.  I stitched another time next to the first stitch for extra strength.  This probably is not necessary and you could stitch over the first sewing too.

Fifth, The pillowcase was turned right side out and pressed.  Now you have an original pillowcase great for you or a great gift for someone special.

The two other pillowcases are also made from organic fabric from Spindle and Rose.

Please do not fret about exact measurements.   It is difficult to cut and sew in perfect measurements and should turn out just fine!   Have fun!

And, keep in mind, perfection is the enemy of good. 







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