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What You Should Know Before Buying Organic Fabric Online

What You Should Know Before Buying Organic Fabric Online

What You Should Know Before Buying Organic Fabric Online

Buying Organic Fabric Online

My mom and dad are hippies. That is, they were recycling before recycling was cool. Growing up, we had buckets in our tubs so you could collect the water while you waited for it to get hot. Then you’d pull out the bucket to take your shower and later empty the bucket in the washing machine to wash the clothes with. There was a commercial for a while with a song that went “Recycle cycle!” My siblings and I would sing it about my dad, but change the lyrics to “Recycle psycho!” Dad takes it in stride and thinks it’s funny, too. I am proud of the conscientiousness they taught me growing up. I am grateful that care and concern for the planet are part of my daily choices. One way we crafters and sewists can make a difference with our art is by buying organic fabric online.

Order organic fabric online

 When you’re buying fabric online, often times it is to create something with love to decorate your home or make a special gift for a friend. Sewing used to be something one could do to be on the thrifty side. Making your own clothes or clothes for your children used to be cheaper than buying them. However, this has changed and I’ve certainly been in the situation where I want to create something, but need to be cautious of the cost. This can be a concern when considering buying organic fabric online. Organic fabric is a more expensive choice when shopping for fabrics. Usually, organic fabric costs more than regular cotton prints. I also want to warn that I have found lighter ink spots on some organic fabrics here and there - hardly noticeable, but a small "organic feel" to the product. Yet, here are some reasons why organic fabric is such a wonderful choice not only for our environment, but for the people who work the cotton fields in areas such as India. The extra cost goes to a great cause.

order organic fabric online


Organic cotton doesn’t use any toxic synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers and focuses instead on more natural farming techniques such as crop rotation and local plant varietals. These plants also attract beneficial insects. Without the toxins normally used in many farming techniques, the cotton workers aren't breathing in the harmful chemicals. Three wonderful organic fabric companies I love to support are Monaluna, Birch Organic, and Cloud9. Art Gallery Fabrics has also begun some organic lines. Monaluna Owner Jennifer Moore was inspired by the toxic conditions of cotton workers and the large environmental impact to only design fabric that is printed on 100% premium organic cotton. Monaluna’s fabric is GOTS certified which stands for Global Organic Textile Standards which not only ensure no chemicals are used in the entire production process, but that the farmer and mill workers have a healthier working environment. GOTS also signifies that the product is fair-trade, meaning that it was produced under equitable, healthy, and safe conditions.

Order organic fabric online.

 Birch Organic Fabrics also meet the GOTS approval process by printing their designs using low impact dyes which do not contain toxic chemicals. These dyes also require less rinsing so they decrease not only the use of water, but have less wastewater and runoff. 

Order organic fabric online

I know it is not always in the budget to only buy organic fabrics online, but Monaluna, Birch Organic, Cloud9 and Art Gallery are four wonderful companies with beautiful, modern, and fresh designs that are GOTS certified. You can search their fabrics by entering their name in our search bar at the top or check them out on our Designers page. If you have any more questions about the organic fabric Spindle + Rose offers, please let me know! When you’re creating something special with organic fabric, you’re doing something special for the world as well!

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